Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A Brief Rant About Height Fraud in the NBA

The guy on the left is listed at 6'1" (and is likely closer to 6'0"). The guy on the right is listed at 6'3".

I know that I am pretty much the only person who thinks about stuff like this, but I'm going to rant about it anyways: how the heck does the NBA get away with so much height fraud?!

In a sport where so much depends upon height, you'd think that they'd get their numbers straight. But no. It's entirely the opposite.

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Standardized Testing Gets A Failing Grade

Is it just me or is Last Week Tonight already better than The Daily Show?

Ok, so that's a bit of an overly dramatic title. But it is semi-creative so it stays...for now.

Anyways, I just now watched John Oliver's video lambasting standardized testing and wanted to chime in and say that I couldn't agree more.

He goes over a lot of good points in his piece, so I'll touch upon a subject that he wasn't really able to elaborate on: standardized testing at the college level.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

20 Amazing Things That Only People With Loving Parents Will Understand

I originally wrote this article for another website, but they couldn't publish it, so I'm bringing it to you here. Enjoy!

One of the most important things to have in this world is a pair of loving parents. They raised us, cooked for us, drove us everywhere, and basically attended to all of our wants and needs for nearly eighteen years of our lives (and longer if they helped pay for college).

Below, I try to capture just a few of the things that loving parents do for their children. I'm sure most of you have experienced at least a handful of these!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Are you Abraham Lincoln or Walter White?

Though many are inspired by the way Lincoln led, few seem to try and emulate his style in this day and age.

Yes, that's quite the loaded title. But it gets directly at the subject of this article: what kind of leader are you? How do you use your power when you have it?

I'm writing this because recently, I ran into someone who is more of the "Walter White" type of leader/boss. They don't try to encourage the people below them, indeed, they do not see the point. They are blunt, possibly narcissistic, and likely don't even follow the same rules that they expect you to abide by.

That said, they somehow made their way into a position that is above your own, so there's nothing you can really do about it.

Of course, I don't believe that people should be afraid of criticism. Indeed, it's what makes us better. That said, it's the way you go about informing others of their deficiencies that matters. People aren't going to be receptive to a harsh and overbearing master, as much as the movie Whiplash might have convinced you that they are.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Bloody Protractor

(Restart Story)

Greetings everyone. What you will find below will look strange without some context. What it is, essentially, is a continuation of my choose your own adventure story: "First Day Of School." If you would like to play from the beginning, either select the "restart story" option above, or click here


Nobody disrespects you. Nobody.

You grab your backpack and find the sharpest object you can find, which in this case happens to be a protractor with a deadly metal edge.

Holding your makeshift blade with malicious intent, you swing it at the brunette's neck, creating a gash that begins to bleed profusely almost instantaneously.

Your teacher, Mr. Clavain, notices your actions, and springs to his feet. He's quickly upon you, disarming you while simultaneously twisting your wrist backwards. There's an audible snap, the kind you hear when ice first begins to crack at the end of winter.

You yell, but Clavain isn't finished yet. He takes your other wrist, spraining it. He then pulls a zip tie from his back pocket, and wraps your arms together with a quick tug.

Like lightning, he begins attending to the grievous injuries you've inflicted on the other girl. Luckily, Clavain is able to stop the bleeding and save her from an untimely death.

Unfortunately for you, your story ends here. You end up sentenced to prison for thirty years. When you emerge, you're nearing fifty years old, and, thanks to your time incarcerated, soon find yourself resorting to petty crimes to get by.

You manage to live this way for several years, until the age of 53, when you die of exposure to the elements during a particularly harsh winter, complicated by the deleterious effects of a failing liver.

Could you have made better choices? Who is Clavain, really, and how was he able to stop you so easily? You'll have to play again to find out.  

The End