Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Horizon Zero Dawn Is Overrated

Aloy takes aim at a Sawtooth. Credit for the image goes to Guerilla Games.

Hello everybody! When last I updated this website, I had just finished a series of articles about the CBS show Big Brother, some of which were more well-received than others. I then took a nine-month hiatus to work on my PhD, which, I can now gladly report, turned out to be a worthwhile use of my time. This summer, along with researching for my dissertation, I've decided to return to this blog both as an outlet and as a means of keeping my writing sharp (you can be the judge of that). So without further ado, here's my first article of the summer of 2018: my thoughts on the PlayStation 4's exclusive killer app...Horizon Zero Dawn.

And yes, I do realize that, at this point, it would be more surprising to write an article that lauds Horizon Zero Dawn than criticizes it, since it's been out for over a year now and has had praise showered upon it from just about every corner of the gaming industry (and beyond).

But, having just recently purchased the game myself, and played it for several hours (no I haven't finished it), I feel obligated to throw my voice into the ring of dissenting opinions, if only because it might save you twenty bucks. That's not to say that I dislike Horizon Zero Dawn, but I do have several reservations, most of which stem from the fact that I feel like I was lied to when I was promised a "revolutionary" experience.

Specifically, there are three reasons why I would argue Horizon Zero Dawn (heretofore referred to as "HZD") is overrated...

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Saturday, September 9, 2017

Why Kevin Doesn't Deserve to Win America's Favorite Player

It's clear to me right now that America is divided between choosing either Cody or Kevin for America's Favorite Player. Though I am actually a big fan of Kevin, I've made it quite clear that I would rather see Cody win the award.

But perhaps a more interesting question to ask than "why should Cody win America's Favorite Player" is "why should Kevin lose?" I think I know why most people, including myself, have a soft spot for Kevin. He's genuine, witty, kindhearted, endearing, and memorable.

That said, I'd argue that there are still a number of reasons why Kevin doesn't deserve your vote. Let's talk about a few below...

Thursday, September 7, 2017

This is Why You Don't Like the Cult of Paul

Previously....on BIIIIIG PAUL!

In the past few days I've gone over why Big Brother 19 is hard to watch, and why, as a result, I think Cody should win America's Favorite Player. In this article I'm going to do something similar, but with a twist.

First, I'm going to delve into why each of the remaining houseguests are either unlikable or likable. I've also cooked up a list of character traits that I think defines each of these people, from the manipulative Paul to the gullible Jason.

Lastly, for each houseguest I've boiled all of this down to a number ranging from one to ten. A "one" means this person is less likable than Frankie Grande; a "ten" means this person is the second coming of Dan Gheesling (or whoever you really like in Big Brother's history).

My intention isn't to anger fans of Paul or his followers; I simply wish to put in written word something that captures why the Cult of Paul is despised by so many.

That said, let's do this.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Why Cody Deserves to Win America's Favorite Player

Let me begin by saying that I honestly don't know why I am still watching Big Brother 19. Is it masochism? Addiction? A mix of the two? Possibly. Truth be told, I've always been a fan of the game, but this year's houseguests are making it difficult to forge ahead to the season finale.

So I'll keep it short and sweet: this article proposes one solution to salvaging a season marred by vile houseguests: ensuring that Cody wins America's Favorite Player.

Why, you ask, does Cody deserve to win what would essentially be 3rd place? Well, here's why:

Everything Wrong With Big Brother 19

Cody has, ironically, turned out to be one of BB19's most likable players.

After a two year hiatus, I have returned to give you my take on this year's iteration of Big Brother. Read on to find out why season 19 is its worst season yet.