Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Never let them see you sweat

(Restart Story)

You stare at Natalie for a considerable amount of time without saying a word. Evidently, you are beginning to freak her out, as she turns away and moves her body as far away from you as she can. Sweat beads down your face, and begins seeping through your luckily dark shirt. Your nerves getting the better of you, you decide to cut your losses and return to your normal seat beside Larry. He looks at you, disappointed.
“That wasn’t cool dude! Bros before hoes, come on!”
You roll your eyes. Larry wasn’t too bright, and his use of phrases like “bros before hoes” was commonplace. You sigh heavily. Having passed on yet another opportunity to get to know a girl you liked, you sit quietly on the bus, only half listening to Larry’s inane rambling while you ponder the worthlessness of your existence. The bus nears campus. 


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