Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Making conversation with your crush

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“So,” you say to Natalie, “how are you doing?”
She seems to be excited that you decided to start a conversation with her.
“I’m good,” she responds, “weren’t we in a few classes together last year?” Indeed you were, having spent all of Junior year in most of the same classes. It disheartens you that she didn’t notice the extent of your past “relationship”, but you are thrilled all the same that she at least knows who you are. You continue to have a decent conversation, getting to know each other, and eventually exchanging numbers. You aren’t too great at texting or keeping in touch with people, so you are hoping you have some classes together. Unfortunately, unlike last year, it turns out you only have one class at the same time: history. Luckily it’s the first class of the day, so you and Natalie exit the bus and walk together to the classroom, laughing at each other’s jokes and generally building the start to a decent relationship.

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