Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Overrstepping boundaries

(Restart Story)

You gaze longingly into Natalie’s eyes. She seems a little put off by this, but you continue anyways. You break the awkward silence by moving in for a big, hearty kiss. Before your lips reach hers, you feel a slap across your face.
“What the hell?!?” Her exclamation acquires the attention of the rest of the bus.
“This freak is trying to sexually assault me!” Anger consumes Natalie's normally placid face. Part of the bus laughs at you while the rest scolds you, calling you a weirdo. Taking notice of this, the bus driver stops the bus, waddles to where you're sitting, and grabs your arm, removing you from your seat. He’s a grizzled old man with countless wrinkles lining his discolored, pock-marked, and unshaven face.
“We didn’t like pricks like you back when I was on the force,” he growls. He flashes a badge.
“I’ve been retired for a few years but I still got my connections. Just enough to put away a potential offender like you for years!”
He smirks at you, his grip tightening around your arm.

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