Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The popular kids

(Restart Story)

You and Natalie walk into the classroom together. Mr. Anderson is the history teacher. He dresses more like a lawyer than a high school educator, with slicked back hair and a gold watch. He looks at you disapprovingly as you walk in. You are in a good mood however, so you excuse that particular transgression. Besides, you are in good company. As you are looking for two seats for you and Natalie, she notices some of her friends in the back corner of the room. They wave her down, telling her to sit by them. They fail to acknowledge you. Natalie looks at you briefly and says, “come on, I’ll introduce you!”
You generally hate meeting new people, especially ones that are a part of a higher social clique than you are, but you oblige so as to not ruin your relationship so early on. You sit down across from Natalie, her three friends positioned behind you. She introduces you to them. The first, directly behind you, is Jaime, a good looking girl with red hair and green eyes. She doesn’t seem to take any interest in you though. Next to her is Rick, a tall, jock type who probably spends more time in the gym in a week than you do in a year. Behind him is Colin, a preppy looking guy who looks you over with a haughty smirk. 

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