Tuesday, July 30, 2013

You're an ass

(Restart Story)

You look at Natalie, giving her a once over.
“Ya know what, you’re actually kind of annoying. See ya later sweet cheeks.” You give her a pat on the back and turn around to walk in the other direction. You keep walking until you are off campus and near a major intersection. Feeling overconfident, you calmly walk across the street. The last thing you hear is the shriek of a truck’s tires as its brakes fail, causing the 18 wheeler to barrel over you at fifty miles per hour. Emergency response crews can’t even ID your body thanks to the force of the impact, that is until Natalie confirms that she saw it happen from afar, across the street and behind the school gate. Not only have you traumatized the girl you liked, but, and I can't say I feel too badly for you, you’re dead!

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