Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Assault on an officer

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Feeling edgy huh?
This prick…he doesn’t know I’ve trained in martial arts for the past five years!
A smile slowly grows on your face, and your eyes darken with evil delight. You elbow the retired cop, now bus driver, right in his overstuffed stomach. He staggers back, his grip loosening. You take this opportunity to drive a powerful uppercut right into his lower jaw. He screams loudly, writhing in pain, the force of the blow knocking him to the floor.
This is my moment of triumph!
As you stand there basking in the glow of your victory, you hear an ear shattering noise ring out. Then another. You look down. Two crimson holes decorate your chest. Within seconds, blood begins bursting through your shirt. Your senses go numb as you collapse to the floor.
Feeling like he had no other option, the retired police officer had pulled his concealed pistol and fired two bullets at your chest, both of which lodged themselves right in your icy heart.

For you, the game ends here.

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