Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Confronting your enemy

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You decide that this school year, you aren’t going to take crap from anyone. You call Colin an asshole, and his face seems to glow red with rage.
“The hell do you think you are?”
Colin is clearly amazed at your brazen comment, but quickly recovers. Natalie is trying to calm him down, but it is evident from her facial expression that she’s also displeased at the way you handled the situation.
At this point Rick decides to chime in, stating in a gruff monotone that you are a moron and should go find somewhere else to sit.
Him and Colin fist bump, then glare at you simultaneously.
“Come on guys,” Jaime states, breaking the awkward silence. “Let’s give the new kid a chance; Natalie seems to like him after all.”
Colin lets out an exhale that sounds more like a combination of a cough and a laugh.
“Yeah, it’s just cause she has a thing for charity cases.” He turns his gaze from Jaime to you. “Hear that, hot stuff? Natalie doesn’t like you, she just feels bad for you. You’ll never be in her league.”
Natalie is obviously annoyed by Colin’s commentary. Rick and Colin continue jeering at you, while Jaime stays neutral; clearly, she has seen all of this before.
Finally, Natalie has enough and leaves the classroom in a tearful rage. Mr. Anderson, just about to start class and noticing her pained expression, follows her out to see what is wrong. Now it’s just you, Rick, Colin, and Jaime.

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