Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The rewards of a false smile

(Restart Story)

You decide to be a nice person despite the obvious disapproval shown towards you by Rick and Colin. You extend your hand to the former, saying “how’s it going?” Turns out that once you’ve broken the ice with them they aren’t as bad as you thought. Indeed, by the time Mr. Anderson is about to start class, you, Rick, Colin, Natalie, and Jaime are all having a great conversation. Natalie is clearly relieved that you were able to hold your own in her social stratosphere, and you know this by how she continually glanced at you and smiled during the conversation you were having with her and her friends. Class goes smoothly, and the four of you exit together, stopping outside the door to talk. None of you have any other classes together, it turns out, and so Colin suggests that you all get together at his house after school to hang out.

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