Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A curious choice

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You suddenly feel a rush of anger and resentment toward your sister.
Why does she always take so long to get ready in the morning?
The newfound hatred you feel towards her cannot be contained any longer. You raise your right fist and bury it in her face, breaking her nose. Hot sticky blood gushes everywhere.
“Oh my god,” she yells, staggering away from you. You rush her, throwing jabs at her rib cage and stomach, not letting up for a minute. She falls to the ground; you continue pummeling away. After getting in a few more punches, you feel your mom desperately trying to pull you back. You struggle, lashing out at her, but soon your dad runs in and viciously smacks you on the head with a baseball bat. When you wake up, you are in handcuffs, locked away in the cell of your local jail. As you turned 18 the day before, it’s very likely you’ll be charged as an adult, locked away for decades. What a first day of school that was!

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