Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Becoming a lifelong criminal

(Restart Story)

You and the officer face off. You pull out two lockpicks, brandishing them in each of your hands. You begin to charge, but instead of foolishly taking on an armed police officer head on, you feign midway into your attack and roll to the side, simultaneously throwing your lockpicks directly at the officer's eyes.

It's a direct hit!

Though not a mortal wound, the officer is incapacitated long enough for you to grab Natalie and place a lockpick to her neck. As the officer recovers, he looks at what you've done and raises his hand in a conciliatory manner.

"Don't do this," he pleads. "Think of the consequences!"

You know exactly what the consequences will be, which is why you don't plan on harming Natalie. You keep Natalie as a hostage, shuffling along with her down a few hallways, eventually reaching the school's office entryway. Once there, you throw Natalie towards the officer, who had been following you cautiously at a distance, and make a break for the exit.

Before the officer can recover, you are long gone. Your talents in lockpicking allow you to steal a car and be out of town by the end of the day. Using your unique talents, you are able to live off the land like this for the rest of your life, always a step ahead of the law. 

But really, is this the best ending you could have gotten? Play again to find out...

The End

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