Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Taunting the wannabe lawyer

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You can tell by the stunned look on Mr. Anderson's overly botoxed face that you've touched a nerve.

" dare you!" He stammers mid sentence, his indignation at your comments apparently disrupting his oratory abilities.

You calmly and confidently stride to a seat next to the popular students. They look at you with a new sense of respect.

Anderson continues to glare at you. "You think after comments like that I'm going to just let you sit there like nothing ever happened?! Get down to the Principal's office. Now."

Mr. Anderson's face is burning with rage, his index finger quivering as he holds it towards the classroom's doorway.

(A) Reply with, "Fine, I'll go see him now."

(B) [Threaten] "Do you really think you can tell me what to do, chump?"

(C) [Persuade] "Come on, it was all in jest! Give me a break, it's the first day of school!"

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