Monday, August 12, 2013

Beating down the hipster

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You don't have time in your schedule to listen to the lamentations of these fools. Just as Colin opens his mouth to yell at you, his right index finger rising to point at you, you rush him.

Using a series of moves, you brush aside his hand, knee him in the chest, backhand slap him with your left hand, and finish him off with a perfectly executed headbutt. He collapses to the floor in a heap of blood and broken bones.

Next is Rick, who witnessed your lightning fast assault on Colin and in response has assumed a defensive position. All around you, other students are screaming and running for the nearest school official.

You examine Rick. He's tall, well built, and overall a much more impressive specimen than Colin. Still, your vast knowledge of the marital arts reveals that his defensive posture is little more than a farce; in other words, nothing you will have trouble overcoming.

(A) Focus on Rick's upper body

(B) Go for the legs

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