Monday, August 12, 2013

The bigger they are...

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Due to Rick's amateur defensive posture, you see a clear opening that will allow you to easily do some heavy damage to his upper body.

You deftly slap away his extended arms, eliminating the entirety of his inexperienced defense. Next, you grab his neck, wrapping your hand around it and squeezing with all your might. Rick's eyes widen with fear; he thinks you are trying to choke him out. He tries to unhinge your grasp with his hands, but your vice grip is too strong. You pull him closer, within reach of your other hand's fist, and drive several powerful blows into his face. Blood pours from his nose.

Finally, using an enormous amount of effort, Rick dislodges your hand from around his neck, and staggers backwards. He looks delirious, his lumbering frame teetering back and forth, his eyes unable to focus on any one thing. He approaches you haphazardly, swinging his arms wildly, blood still gushing from his nose and other gashes in his face.

You dodge his attempts to harm you easily, and finish him off with a powerful flying kick to his jaw. He flies several feet to his right, landing with an audible thud near his similarly defeated friend, Colin.

As you stand above them, laughing at their unfortunate state, you fail to notice the crowd gathering around you. It takes a few moments of you looking around to notice that these aren't students, no, they are mixed collection of campus supervisors, yard aides, and even a few police officers that arrived to campus during the time you were beating up Rick and Colin.

(A) Surrender

(B) Charge!

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