Sunday, August 4, 2013

The number one cause of blindness in teens is...

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 You grin and think, How foolish of him to act in such a way towards someone who is armed...
You grab the lockpick you had just used to open the door, and jump a foot into the air while simultaneously sweeping your lockpick equipped right hand upwards. It's a direct hit! You land on all fours, and raise your head to see the result. You can tell that the lockpick is lodged about an inch deep through your brother's left eye. He's screaming at the top of his lungs and writhing in pain. You hear your parents' heavy footfalls getting closer and closer. Before you have time to react, your mom and dad are both standing, mouths agape, in the bathroom doorway. Their focus switches from the bloody lockpick nailed into your brother's eye to you, as if they cannot fathom that you could have done this. Eventually, they snap out of their shock, and your dad restrains you while your mom calls the police. Your brother ends up testifying against you in court while wearing an eye patch, and though you get a reduced sentence due to the fact that you are a minor, the judge locks you away for ten years. 

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