Monday, August 12, 2013

When a professional lightweight meets an amateur heavyweight...

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Though Rick's defense reveals a clear opening to his upper body, you decide to go for his legs and eliminate his mobility. You throw a few jabs at him, testing his defenses. He is slow to react, but he manages to cover up his face and chest with his forearms. Even so, your hardened blows are sure to have inflicted a decent amount of pain even if they only connected with his defense.

Your jabs and straight punches keep him off balance. After a few more seconds of meagerly assaulting his upper half, you go in for a sweeping lower kick to take Rick off of his feet.

Sliding effortlessly to the ground, you place your left hand on the pavement to balance yourself, then pivot your right leg around in a counterclockwise movement aimed at Rick's shins. Before he realizes your shift in strategy, your attack has been completed, and he's on the floor.

However, before you have time to recover and regain your footing, Rick is upon you. On the ground, his over six foot frame and weight advantage over you gives him the upper hand. He performs what is essentially a body slam, knocking the air out of you. Then, he pulls back his right arm and drives a furious hook into your face, loosening a few teeth and causing blood and spittle to spray into the air. This brutal assault continues for several seconds.

Just when you are about to black out, you manage to gather your strength and grab his right fist in midair, stopping another devastating hook from connecting with your face. You raise your knee rapidly, hitting Rick squarely in the ribs and probably cracking more than a couple of them. This loosens his hold over you, and you are able to weakly slip out from under him, rolling a few feet to the side.

You stagger upwards, a nauseating sensation rushing to your head as it adjusts not only to the several blows inflicted on your skull, but the rapid change in altitude. Rick rises as well, holding his ribs tenderly.

You stand, staring each other down while breathing heavily for several seconds. Finally, Rick breaks the standoff with a roar, charging at you. His image flashes in and out of existence as your failing eyesight attempts to register his movement. You block his first blow, barely, at this point relying more on your instincts than on your senses. You then perform one of the deadliest counter attacks you know, a move your instructors had told you to use only in an emergency. You deftly grab his right forearm, restricting his movement. Then, with your last ounce of strength, you drive your right hand as far as you can into a small region of Rick's neck. You hear an audible snap, and he falls before you, lifeless.

You only have a moment to savor the victory before your head injuries become too great for you to bare. As you collapse to the ground, everything goes black.

The End

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