Monday, August 12, 2013

Self defense

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You raise both your hands in the air, and get on your knees.

"Officers, I don't intend to give you any trouble." You motion with your head towards the barely breathing bodies of Rick and Colin.

"These two were going to harm me. I was only acting in self defense. Is it a crime that I was instructed in martial arts, and they were not?" You end that sentence with a bit of dramatic embellishment.

One of the officers, the one that looks to be in charge, responds.

"We'll figure out the facts of the case for ourselves. For now, you're coming with us!" He approaches you with a pair of handcuffs, two other cops flanking him with guns drawn.

They take you into custody.

Months pass until your trial. Eventually, given the evidence and the brutality of what you described as "self defense," the jury finds you guilty. You languish away in prison for several years, and never actually finish High School.

The End

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