Monday, August 12, 2013

Terrible odds

(Restart Story)

You smirk at the aged police officer, his two deputies, and the smattering of other school officials surrounding you.

A fire rises in your your eyes. You target the cop who you assume is the leader.

He notices your interest.

"Son...don't try it." He places his hand on his holster. His deputies already have their weapons drawn.

"If I'm going to go," you snarl, "I'm going MY way!"

You charge at the officers, closing half of the distance in moments. At that point, you leap into the air, shifting into a flying jump kick position aimed right at the central officer. Time seems to slow down. Your foot touches down on the officers chest. His gun his drawn. He looks you in the eye. You see what appears to be a glimmer of regret.

Then, they begin to fire.

Your kick connected with the officer, causing him to fly backwards several feet. Unfortunately, as soon as you made impact several bullets flew into you at speeds much greater than your foot could ever hope to achieve.

When you leapt into the air, you were alive. Now, you are dead.

The End

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