Saturday, August 17, 2013

Anger leads to hatred

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The pitiful display before you does nothing but enrage you further. You thought you made it clear to these fools that you wanted nothing to do with them, and yet still they persist in badgering you with questions.

Suddenly, you feel something rise to the surface within your mind. Almost like a faint nudging against your skull, a power or force that wants to be let out. It wells up inside your head, ramming itself against the back of your forehead until the pain becomes nearly unbearable.

To onlookers, it appears as if you are suffering from a severe migraine.

"The hell is wrong with you?" Rick's question doesn't help, and only furthers your anger.

The pain suddenly goes away. You feel a rush of energy crackle down your arms and into your palms. When you look down however, you fail to see any visual changes to your exterior. Still, you know something has changed.

You raise your right hand, holding it up in a claw like manner, pointed directly at Rick.

"You will bother me no longer!" You scream your proclamation at the top of your lungs, scaring students who happen to be walking by.

Then, you release your energy. It feels like a burden is being lifted from your very soul, an itch you could never scratch finally being relieved.

You look at Rick fiercely as you unload your mental energy at him. At first, nothing seems to happen, and he and Colin start to laugh at you.

Then, Rick goes silent. He starts coughing, slowly at first but picking up speed at a rapid pace. His feet leave the ground, and soon he is hovering about a foot off the floor. Both of his hands are grasped around his neck, flailing about trying to stop whatever is choking the life out of him.

It's a futile effort. After a few more seconds, Rick's arms drop and his head goes limp, his chin falling with a thud against his chest.

You release your grasp upon him, and he hits the ground sounding like a burlap sack filled with sand and saltine crackers.

Colin staggers backwards in fear. He tries to speak, but only manages to stutter and emit unintelligible and guttural noises from his mouth.

(A) Kill Colin

(B) Run home

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