Sunday, August 4, 2013

A sweaty proposition

(Restart Story)

With the bus gone, you decide to literally run to school. It's not too far away, but even at a sprint it would take you about ten minutes to get there, and you aren't in good enough shape to sprint the entire distance. By the time you make it to your school thirty minutes later, your dress is sticking to your body and your hair is a mess due to the wind. You try to smooth out your clothes and untangle your hair, but for the most part its a futile effort. When you finally get to your first class, you're about five minutes late. You walk in, holding your breath. Luckily, your teacher, Mrs. Andrews, hasn't started class yet and is still sitting at her desk, reading something on her computer screen. The rest of the class is talking amongst themselves. You slip quietly into a seat on the far side of the room. Mrs. Andrews fails to notice your late entry. The people sitting around you look like they are mildly interesting.

(36F) Talk to the clean cut brunette boy to your left
(37F) Compliment the outfit of the red headed girl sitting behind you
(38F) Tap the shoulder of the quiet boy sitting in front of you

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