Monday, August 5, 2013

Professing your love

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You look at Natalie and come to the sudden realization that you are the kind of girl who likes other girls. You don't know why Natalie has such an effect on you, but you cannot deny the feeling bubbling up to the surface within you.
You intercept Natalie and look her in the eye.
"Natalie...I...I think I love you." You stop talking. There is an awkward silence. Natalie shuffles her feet uncomfortably.
"Jess...I mean...I like you, but I barely know you. And even if I did, I don't like other girls. I'm sorry..." She looks at you with a genuine look of despair etched across her face. You can tell from her body language however that she is recoiling slightly, away from your direction.
"I...," you mutter a few unintelligible words. Then just say "I'm sorry." You feel like bolting in the opposite direction, preferring to flee rather than continue this awkward conversation. You avoid eye contact with Natalie while you decide what to do.

Force yourself on Natalie

Threaten to rob Natalie's house if she doesn't go out with you

Go to class 

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