Monday, August 5, 2013

Dealing with freaks

(Restart Story)

The enigmatic school creeper, Larry, is beginning to get on your nerves. Not only is he inching closer towards you every second, but he's breathing heavily on your neck. Additionally, you are fairly certain that he is trying to get a look down your shirt.
That's it...I've had enough!
You twist around in your chair in a flash, your right hand transforming into an open palm that you use to slap Larry across the face, breaking his glasses and causing him to bleed from his nose.
He yelps in pain, his nasally voice echoing throughout the bus.
"Gwahawww!" He brings his hands up to his face, applying pressure to ease the pain. As the bus comes to a stop in front of the school gate, you give Larry one more slap for good measure, and rise from your seat triumphantly. Other students on the bus give you an approving pat on the back or other words of encouragement for your act in repulsing the school's resident creeper. Larry recoils into his seat, not leaving the bus until everyone else has disembarked. You see him walking to class, his beady eyes scanning the crowd. He walks with a severely hunched gait. You almost feel bad for him, but it only takes a second for you to throw that thought away.

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