Monday, August 5, 2013

Creating a stalker

(Restart Story)

You know, despite Larry's beady eyes, severely hunched back, rotted teeth, nasally voice, and narcissistic personality, you actually find him to be kind You face him, a sultry look on your face.
"Hey Larry...," you state. He was already looking at you, drool dripping down from his lips.
You grab his head with both hands and bring his face to yours, locking lips. You kiss for several seconds, causing several other students in the bus to gasp or gag in disgust. You aren't the prettiest girl in school, but nobody would have expected you to stoop to this level. You and Larry start to feel each other up. Evidently, that is the final straw for those sitting in your general vicinity, and they rise and retreat to the back of the bus, doing all they can to avert their eyes. By the time you reach the school, you and Larry have practically melded into a single person, and as a result the other students have all positioned themselves as far away from you two as humanly possible. Before you can take it too far with Larry, the bus driver pulls you away. She also pulls your shirt back down, which was dangerously close to revealing what was underneath due to what Larry would describe as "his work." Though you aren't officially punished by the school for your disgusting public display of affection, you are socially shunned for the rest of your senior year. It gets so bad that eventually you are forced to switch schools. What is sad is that you realized soon after the bus incident that, in reality, you actually did think Larry was creepy and gross. Unfortunately for you, he stalks you for the rest of your life, and you are forced to get a restraining order after several years of attempting other methods to keep him at bay.

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