Monday, August 5, 2013

An example of awkwardness

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"Oh right, James!" You smile at him. Before you can catch your tongue, the following words escape your mouth.
"I really REALLY liked you last year!" You only process what you said several seconds after you already said it, and find yourself extremely embarrassed.
Maybe James really did like you, but he seems taken aback by your forwardness.
"Heh, well, alright then. I sort of liked you too, as a friend. That's what you mean right?" He looks at you tentatively.
Though you had hoped for more, you reply in the affirmative. "Right! Right! That's what I meant...haha."
The bus pulls up to the stop.
"Well," you state awkwardly, "I gotta go!"
Smooth, you think.
James is left with a confused look on his face as you rush to class.

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