Monday, August 5, 2013

The consequences of raging hormones

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Despite your best efforts, you can't get Natalie out of your head. Her hair, her face, her body, all of it calls to you. You can no longer resist your natural impulses. You lunge upon her in a fit of primal lust, twirling her around and bringing her lips to yours. You and her stand there like that, lips locked for several seconds. When you release your embrace, she backs away, a shocked look on her face. She was very serious when she said she didn't "go that way," and your sexual harassment didn't help your case at all. Natalie runs away, tears forming in her eyes. You feel terrible about what you did, that you couldn't contain your feelings for her. Natalie ends up reporting you to the school's office, and eventually you are expelled and your family is forced to move to another city. Though you will always cherish the memory of kissing your crush, you live the rest of your life wishing you had been able to contain yourself.

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