Saturday, August 3, 2013

That guy you kind of remember

(Restart Story)

When you think about it, you hate Natalie because she made fun of you in junior high, and Larry is just plain creepy. You decide to tough it out and stand, holding onto a stainless steel bar near the back exit of the bus. As you stand there, trying to maintain your balance, you hear a voice.
"Hey, it's Jess right?" You look down to your left, and notice a boy sitting in a chair next to the aisle. From where you're standing, it looks like he's directly across from you.
You smile at him.
"Remember me?"
He pauses for your answer, but continues when he notices your apparent inability to recognize him.
"It's James, remember? We had classes together all of last year. I think we even worked on the same group project." He looks at you admiringly, waiting for an answer.
Now that you think, you do remember James. He was a pretty nice guy who you sort of had a crush on last year, but he never really made it apparent that he felt anything for you.

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