Friday, August 2, 2013

Meeting Natalie's friends

(Restart Story)

You walk over to the desk next to Natalie and take a seat. Mr. Anderson glares at you the entire time, muttering something about how he’s only giving you a pass for being late because it’s the first day of school. You give Natalie a quick half smile, and she returns the favor. Class goes smoothly, and Anderson gives you all a five minute break in the middle of his syllabus lecture for being such attentive students. You take advantage of this time to start a conversation with Natalie. Before you get too far with her, she motions towards the other three people sitting around her besides you; her friends. She introduces you to them so as to not make the situation awkward for you. The first, directly behind you, is Jaime, a good looking girl with red hair and green eyes. She doesn’t seem to take any interest in you. Next to her is Rick, a tall, jock type who probably spends more time in the gym in a week than you do in a year. Behind him is Colin, a preppy looking guy who looks you over with a pretentious smirk. 


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