Friday, August 2, 2013

An odd decision

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You take one look at Colin, Jaime, and Natalie, and burst out laughing.
Colin asks you, “What’s so funny,” in a tone that causes him to sound genuinely perplexed.
You face him and say, “What’s so funny? The fact that I’m talking to a bunch of imbeciles like you three.” You shake your head in an exaggerated manner, flip them all off, and start walking away.
Natalie, who you had started to befriend, looks stunned. And despite the manly egotistical persona they project, so do Rick and Colin. Jaime’s mouth is agape, her normally neutral expression frozen in what looks to be a display of sheer outrage.
Before they have recovered enough to respond to your brazen act, you’re halfway across campus. Your next few classes go by without incident, and soon enough, it’s lunch time. You exit your English class bored and slightly drowsy, the bright sun blinding you to the extent that you must shield your eyes with your hand. You walk around aimlessly for a bit, not sure where to go. Being a senior, you could go off campus. Or, you could continue to walk around and explore. Before you can make a decision, you see an angry Rick and Colin approaching you. 


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