Thursday, August 1, 2013

The duel of giants

(Restart Story)

You decide to walk around campus and see if there is anything interesting going on. As you saunter about counting the amount of blackened pieces of gum you find on the pavement, you notice some commotion over to your right, in the quad area where freshmen and sophomores usually eat lunch. You head on over to get a closer look. As you get nearer, you notice that there is a ring of students forming around two particularly imposing figures. One is your history teacher, Mr. Anderson, who stands 6’5” and looks pretty scary with his black suit, slicked back hair, and arched eyebrows. He’s facing off against one of the school’s more uncontrollable students, a football player by the name of Lamar Bryant. He’s about Anderson’s height but at least a hundred pounds heavier, mostly in pure muscle.
“You better leave these kids alone,” shouts Anderson. You notice a few kids crouched defensively behind your teacher, cowering before the sight of Lamar and his friends. You can see that their faces are bloodied and their pockets have been turned inside out.
Lamar glares at Anderson. “What you gonna do about it, teacher?” He approaches Anderson and shoves him, causing him to fly backwards and hit his head on a wall. His body goes limp, his head lolling about uncontrollably. Lamar laughs and glares at the crowd.
“Ya’ll better take note! I’m the King of this Campus! Nobody orders me around!” The rest of the onlookers remain silent, powerless before the hulking bully.

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