Thursday, August 1, 2013

You need backup

(Restart Story)

You run away from the scene of Lamar’s assault and head to the campus office. Once there you shout that you need help at the top of your lungs. You crash into the campus police officer’s office, panting uncontrollably.
“Sir! Come…now…I need…your help!” You explain the situation in a rapid and exasperated manner to the officer. Realizing the seriousness of the situation, he runs past you and out the office, towards the scene of the crime, weapon drawn.
You follow him as fast as you can, and reach the site of Mr. Anderson’s beat down just in time to see the officer with the gun trained on Lamar Bryant.
“Mr. Bryant,” states the officer in a tense voice, “I need you to come with me, now!” Lamar just smirks at him.
“Oh, ok officer.” Lamar appears to comply, his hands held above his head in a conciliatory manner. He saunters towards the officer.
“That’s far enough!”
Lamar continues to smile.
“If you say so…”
By the time you realize what is about to happen, it’s too late to warn the officer. Lamar’s nearly superhuman reach allows him to quickly swipe away the officer’s firearm. He closes the rest of the distance in moments, unloading on the officer with an array of bone shattering attacks. As he unloads on the unfortunate policeman, you notice that the gun landed only a few meters away from your position. Nobody else in the crowd seems to have noticed this yet. Off to the side, Mr. Anderson stirs, slowing coming out of his unconscious state.

(44) Grab the gun and do what must be done
(45) Try to get Mr. Anderson to help you

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