Thursday, August 1, 2013

Cracking spines

(Restart Story)

You decide to throw caution to the wind and meet Lamar head on. After all, you know plenty of techniques to take on opponents far larger than yourself. Unfortunately, no training could have prepared you for a man of this size and durability. He hits you with the force of a tidal wave, his 6’5” 300 pound frame rattling every bone in your body. You fly backwards several feet, landing on your chest. He attempts to grab you but you perform a suave rising kick that lands squarely on his jaw, dazing him. He feels the blood emanating from his mouth and becomes even more enraged. You hear one of Lamar’s friends in the background state proclaim, “aww, he gonna get it now!”
Lamar charges you again, yelling at the top of his lungs. You attempt a counter attack, but he brushes your arm aside as if you were no more than a pillow case filled with cotton balls. He lifts you in the air, and brings your back down on his knee, resulting in an audible cracking sound that disgusts onlookers. Then, he throws you onto the ground. Winded and possibly paralyzed, you look up at your assailant. Moments before his foot falls on your face, campus security finally arrives and puts him down with several tazers. Unfortunately for you, they were too late, and as Lamar falls to the ground, everything goes black.

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