Saturday, August 3, 2013

You may need anger management

(Restart Story)

You know you were wrong to pick the lock in the first place, but sometimes the way your brother speaks to you just pisses you off. You ball your relatively tiny right hand into a fist and slam it into the bathroom door with all the rage fueled strength you can muster. The sound of the impact, despite your small size, is actually fairly intimidating and causes the door to rattle violently, shaking precariously on its hinges. Seconds after you've exacted some physical punishment on the door, your brother rips it open, screaming a stream of expletives at you.
"All you do is screw with me all the time! Can I get one freaking moment of peace to get ready in the morning?" Your brother is exasperated, his face red and sweaty. His arms are extended with his palms raised to the air, almost as if he were pleading with you. You look at him deviously.

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