Saturday, February 22, 2014

Dramatic poses

(Restart Story)

In a move that probably played out in a more badass fashion in your mind, you turn around dramatically and face the cacophony of approaching sirens. The police cars turn a corner, and are now within fifty feet of your position. They've all been given your description so there's no way you can use any sort of stealthy tactics, indeed, from the way the cars speed up it looks like you've already been spotted. How do you want this to go down?

Take aim and fire

Hesitate and run

The liquor store

(Restart Story)

Your stolen gun in hand, you burst through the liquor store doors. The man at the register looks as you with a start, panic in his eyes. He glances at what is probably a weapon of some sort he has stashed behind the counter he is standing. You have seconds to make a decision.

Open fire

Try and calm him down

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Kendall Marshall will be a star

Kendall Marshall was a lottery pick in the 2012 NBA Draft. He was described as a great, albeit non-athletic, playmaker, though never saw much time on the court while on the Phoenix Suns. They got rid of him, and after a brief stint on the Wizards and in the D-League, Marshall was called up to play for the injury-depleted Los Angeles Lakers.

His first few games were nothing special. However, after the Lakers' other guards were assassinated by the Dark Brotherhood (it felt that way at least), he was given a chance to start. And boy has he delivered. During his past few weeks at the helm, Marshall has averaged more assists than anybody else in the NBA. On top of that, he's also shooting the lights out from three point range.