Sunday, February 22, 2015

Enter Clavain

(Restart Story)

Greetings everyone. What you will find below will look strange without some context. What it is, essentially, is a continuation of my choose your own adventure story: "First Day Of School." If you would like to play from the beginning, either select the "restart story" option above, or click here


The boy in front of you hasn't said a word since walking in. Though you find that strange, you remind yourself that you've been completely silent as well.

Trying to change that, you tap on his shoulder. He turns around. He's got tan skin and a uniquely ethnic look about him, such that you can't pinpoint his nationality. He smiles briefly, and waves at you with his right hand.

"H-hi!" He stammers, evidently not used to girls talking to him.

"Yo," you reply, "sucks to be back in school, doesn't it?"

He smiles, your steady tone allowing him to calm down a bit.

"Yeah...I miss summer break already. My name's David by the way." He reaches out his hand, and you extend yours as well, giving him your name in return.

Soon, you two are talking as if you've known each other for years. Before you know it, the teacher, Mr. Clavain, walks to the front of the class.

(A) Whisper to David, asking him if he wants to hang out later

(B) Pay attention to Mr. Clavain

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