Sunday, February 22, 2015

Failure to launch

(Restart Story)

Greetings everyone. What you will find below will look strange without some context. What it is, essentially, is a continuation of my choose your own adventure story: "First Day Of School." If you would like to play from the beginning, either select the "restart story" option above, or click here


You look at the girl to your right. She had reddish hair; perhaps it can even be described as "brunette" under certain lighting. She's looking forward, but you can still just make out the icy blue of her eyes.

Not recognizing anyone else in this class, you make an attempt to gain an acquaintance of sorts.

"Hey, how's it going?" You direct your words at the girl. With an almost imperceptible turn of her head, she glances at you.

"Hey, not bad," she replies. Without blinking, she returns her gaze to the front of the class, as if you don't even exist.

(A) Lash out, violently

(B) Forget her and pay attention to your teacher instead

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