Saturday, March 28, 2015

Clavain, Man of Mystery

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Greetings everyone. What you will find below will look strange without some context. What it is, essentially, is a continuation of my choose your own adventure story: "First Day Of School." If you would like to play from the beginning, either select the "restart story" option above, or click here


You turn your attention to the front of the class as your teacher begins speaking.

Clavain is an impressive sight to behold, and you aren't afraid to admit it to yourself. He has the look and manner of a man you'd want to have around during a crisis. You've heard through the rumor mill that he once served in the upper echelons of military in some capacity, but it's all hearsay. Looking at the way he carries himself, and his manner of speech, you don't doubt that he has, at the very least, lived through some stressful situations.

"Greetings students. My name is Clavain, but you can call me Mr. Clavain. Before you ask, no, I don't have a clue at how my parents came up with that."

The class chuckled collectively. Clavain scratched his meticulously groomed beard and paused briefly.

"In the case you walked into this classroom not knowing the subject, I'll give you a reminder: we're going to be talking about history. Particularly, my favorite aspect of history: warfare."

The way Clavain speaks commands respect. With that simple line, he has the class' undivided attention.

(A) Rudely interrupt Clavain

(B) Pay attention to Clavain's lesson

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