Saturday, March 28, 2015

Losing His Respect

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Greetings everyone. What you will find below will look strange without some context. What it is, essentially, is a continuation of my choose your own adventure story: "First Day Of School." If you would like to play from the beginning, either select the "restart story" option above, or click here


You decide to continue speaking to David, despite Clavain's entrance.

"So, want to hang out with me later on?" You speak to David in a whisper, hoping to avoid the ire of your teacher.

To your horror, you realize that David is frozen-faced, trying his best not to acknowledge your question. You turn your head, and see that Clavain is staring right at you.

"That was quite rude of you. Do you want to share your question with the rest of the class?"

The way Clavain speaks reminds you of shows like Law and Order. He sounds like he is constantly on the verge of saying something of extreme significance.

Clavain's icy stare bores into your skull.

How do you respond?

(A) "I...I was just asking David here if he wanted to hang out later"

(B) "I don't have to tell you."

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