Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Player

(Restart Story)

Girls bore you. Case in point, after only a few hours of pursuing Natalie, you're already onto the next one: Jaime.

You sit next to to Jaime, to her left. Natalie is on her right. With a fluid motion, you place your arm around Jaime, and stare longingly into her iridescent green eyes.

"You know, Jaime," you begin, "I never noticed it are quite beautiful."

Jaime silently glances at Natale for support. The whites of her eyes are showing. She's quite uncomfortable, unsurprisingly.

Natalie, who, might I remind you was just asked out by you, is furious. Her face is reddening. Fists balling up.

As Jaime attempts to worm her way away from you, she notices Natalie's changing expression.

"Uh...Nat? You ok?!"

For the moment, Jaime has forgotten about your creepiness and has turned her attention to her friend. Your next choice could have a considerable impact...

(A) [Persuade] "Cheer up Nat! I got ya good didn't I? Haha."

(B) [Flirt] "You know...monogamous relationships are bout you two and I head back to my place? Right now."

(C) Tell Natalie to lighten up and accept your love for Jaime

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