Tuesday, April 22, 2014


(Restart Story)

Anderson charges at you, looking more like an enraged bull than a man. As per your planned ruse, you let down your guard at the last second.

Your defenses down, Anderson makes short work of you. You only feel the first blow to your face before you are knocked out.

Several moments later, you awake. Your jaw aches. You see a few of what you assume to be your teeth lying on the floor before you. Blood is everywhere, most of all on Mr. Anderson and his fists, who is standing a few feet in front of you, staring at you and the class with wide eyes.

"What...what have I done?!" He staggers backwards, nearly tripping on a stack of books. He catches himself, and leans against the whiteboard.

With all your might, you get on your legs. Though your mouth is on fire, you manage to say two words, words that will reverberate in the minds of your fellow classmates for years to come.

"You're done."

You smile, limp over to the class phone, and call the office. Within minutes, campus security has arrived. You tell them your manufactured story, about Anderson going off on you for no reason at all. The class sides with you, as Anderson was known to be a horrific teacher, regardless of his now well-documented violent tendencies.

Your victory, however, is short lived. Allowing Anderson to get such a clean shot at your skull caused a fracture, which led to internal bleeding in your brain. As a medical team called to the school examines you, the pressure in your head causes you to pass into a coma. You never wake up from your slumber.

On the bright side, your death got a terrible, abusive teacher sentenced to life in prison! For all intents and purposes, you become a martyr. Everyone in your graduating class remembers your name until the day they die.

The End (Restart Story)

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