Thursday, April 24, 2014

True Love?

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You sit next to Natalie. She greets you with an exuberance that makes your heart skip a beat. It seems she's excited for your date later that day!

You think to yourself, Aw yeah! I'm such a badass!

You and Natalie have a decent conversation. Laughs abound. Even the reticent Jaime gets a few words in. By the end, you are feeling like you really made a connection. A few minutes before the lunch bell rings, Natalie gets up.

"I'm going get a head class is way on the other side of campus! I'll see you later!"

She flashes you a smile, and gives you a brief hug. Butterflies begin fluttering throughout your stomach. For a moment you drift away from reality, dreaming of a future with your crush.

Then, all of the sudden, Jaime appears before you.

"You know...I probably shouldn't say this," she mutters, "but Nat, she has lots of guy friends. If you know what I mean."

A puzzled look appears on your face.

"What I'm trying to say is...don't get your hopes us. You seem like a good guy and I don't want your dreams to be shattered or anything. She probably doesn't see that 'date' she planned with you as anything more than a friendly get-together. Well...I'll see you." Jaime walks away towards her next class.

She's terrible at goodbyes...

You stand there stunned for a bit, but quickly snap out of it.

She's right...I never really had a chance. A girl like her probably has fifty guys contacting her at any given time. I'll never break through that. All that time I just spent with her was probably meaningless...

Looks like you're in a bit of a malaise! What to do...what to do...

(A) Run after Jaime and knock her out. Violence solves everything!

(B) Accept what Jaime said and move on with your life.

(C) Confront Natalie with this information when you see here again.

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